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Online CLasses

Location is not a barriaer, we serve online now.

Personal Training
FC Live representative2_edited_edited.jpg
FC Live representative2_edited_edited.jpg

Personal Training

Either you are interested in athletic Fitness or you want to learn combat sports like Boxing-Muaythai. Our Online Personal Training is something you must try. it covers many benefits like-

-Your diet program according to your goals.(Organic/Vegan/Veg/Non-veg)

 -Day by day performance tracking. 

-Training hour will be according to you.

-Access of Multiple professional coaches. like whenever you want switching to another coach it will be super easy. 

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Group Classes

Highly Engaging and you will never lose the tempo when you work out with a group of members. Motivation level increases along the way.

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​Diet Discussions With Experts

Diet Schedule from Fighting Choice Experts is something different and 100% successful to achieve any kind of fitness goal. 

How 100%????

Because we provide a diet program based on below points-

1-Workouts main issue

(muscle gassed out or excess breath-out or body weakness etc etc)

2-Body type (Chubby/Fish/Muscular/fatty/Thin/Slim/heavy)


(Fat burning/Muscle gain/Athletic fitness)

4-Current diet plan

(like whatever you are eating right now)

After watching all these points we provide a proper diet support according to individuals need.Most of our diet is based on natural remedies which you can make easily at home.Supplements can also be added if required.

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